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Here at W3iRDTRiANGL3 we are proud to be the OFFICIAL designers and suppliers for Caerphilly Comic Con.

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Available in Blue in a Unisex adults standard fit and a range of Kids sizes too!

PRE-ORDER only with a delivery option for free collection at the event or shipping (subject to shipping costs). Pre-orders for collection at Caerphilly Comic Con will end on Friday 2nd June. Orders for shipping prior to the event will also close Friday 2nd June.

While we will make every effort to ensure all orders are ready on time, orders placed after Friday 2nd June might not be available until after the event.

Find out more about the exciting Caerphilly Comic Con HERE

Common Courtesy Day

Have you ever found yourself washing up other people’s dirty mugs and dishes? How many times have you gone to walk through a door after someone else only to have it bang in your face because they didn’t hold it open for you? And I’m sure some of you will have been on a busy bus or train needing a seat with no one offering for you to have theirs?

People can be so inconsiderate sometimes!

But what about the things that we do that may be inconsiderate to others? 

Have you ever put an empty box back in the food cupboard? Have you ever parked in a disabled or parent-only car park (without your kids being there)? Or have you ever not said ‘please’ or ‘thank you’ to someone because you were in a rush?

When people don’t demonstrate courtesy to us we can become quite annoyed and upset, but I’m sure that at some time or another we have all been guilty of not being courteous to other people too. It’s easy for us to forget how we felt in those times when others lacked courtesy when we are making other people feel the same.

Well today is Common Courtesy Day!

A day for us all to remember to be courteous to others and to (courteously) remind others to be courteous too.

So in the spirit of the day a huge THANK YOU from all of us at W3iRD TRiANGL3 for reading this and supporting us over the last few weeks. We really do appreciate it.

Welcome to W3iRDTRiANGL3: Blog


Hello and welcome to the first ever post of the W3iRD TRiANGL3 blog! With this blog we’ll keep you up-to-date with all of the to-ings and fro-ings of the team here at W3iRDTRiANGL3 HQ, including any events we’ll be involved with and –most importantly – all of our latest designs and products HOT OFF THE PRESS!

There have been a lot of firsts for us recently – selling our first t-shirts, attending our first comic con as venders and putting together the website among them. Another first that we will be looking forward to is our first ever W3iRDTRiANGL3 event in May! This first event is going to be extra special as it’s going to be our OFFICIAL LAUNCH EVENT so we would love it if you could join us.

The event will feature a load of cool stuff to do, people to meet, competitions to win and t-shirts to be worn. We will also be launching some new designs that you can pre-order at the event including the launch of our Chari-Tee initiative (see below) and a limited edition design. We’re still planning all of the fine details but will hopefully announce the date and venue in the next few weeks.


Here at W3iRDTRiANGL3 we are just as passionate about making a difference as we are about making cool t-shirts and so every few months we will be partnering with a different charity by designing and selling a t-shirt with 100% of the profits going to the chosen charity. The first charity that we will be partnering with will be announced at the launch event with all details being available on our website.

Cardiff film and Comic Con

If you’re reading this then, chances are, you came along to our first Film and Comic Con at the Cardiff Motorpoint Arena. We’re really grateful to the team at Showmasters for helping us to make this our first ever event and we were really excited to meet you all. Hope you were just as excited to meet us and like our designs. If you would like to see more of W3iRDTRiANGL3 then why not visit our website or follow us on Facebook:

( or Twitter (@weird_triangle).


For those who have been following W3iRDTRiANGL3 over the last couple of months you’ll know that we’ve had 6 designs that we’ve been working on and selling:

Nacho Girlfriend, Crying Panda, I love you to the Moon and Back, Zompie!, People who Wear Capes, The Usual Zombies!

We now have not one, not two but THREE new designs now available for Pre-Order on the website:

Nacho Libre, Don't Call me Hun, Big Fish, Little Fish, Cardboard Box

These new designs will be officially released in time for our launch event in May (date to be confirmed) with new Pre-order designs being released at the event.

While we really love all of our designs we would also really like to hear what YOU think about them too. Why not get in touch to say what you like about W3iRDTRiANGL3 and our stuff, let us know what products you’ve bought and what you’d like to see us do in the future, or just drop by to say ‘hello’!

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