WEIRD TRIANGLE is all about creating designs that may make you smile, laugh, think, cry, engage and hopefully encourage people to be themselves.

We are inspired by the things that we enjoy (sci-fi, comics, movies, tv, books, music, long walks on the beach, etc) as well as the world around us (nature, science, community) and try to bring some of these influences into the t-shirts we design.

Founded by Craig and Raj out of a shared interest in creating things that were different and special, WEIRD TRIANGLE is founded on 3 key principles:

excellent products, outstanding customer service and happy staff!

We always try to ensure that we are 100% satisfied with what we create so we only put our name to products that we’re completely happy with.

While we know that we like what we do we also want to make sure that you are happy with what we do too and so we always aim to make sure that each customer is 100% satisfied with their order. If not we will do what we can to rectify the situation as soon as we possibly can so that every customer is a happy customer.

Finally we want to ensure that working for WEIRD TRIANGLE is a positive experience for all and, although we’re still a small team, we want to continually improve how we work and support each other here at WTHQ and in the working relationships we develop with our suppliers.