Common Courtesy Day

Have you ever found yourself washing up other people’s dirty mugs and dishes? How many times have you gone to walk through a door after someone else only to have it bang in your face because they didn’t hold it open for you? And I’m sure some of you will have been on a busy bus or train needing a seat with no one offering for you to have theirs?

People can be so inconsiderate sometimes!

But what about the things that we do that may be inconsiderate to others? 

Have you ever put an empty box back in the food cupboard? Have you ever parked in a disabled or parent-only car park (without your kids being there)? Or have you ever not said ‘please’ or ‘thank you’ to someone because you were in a rush?

When people don’t demonstrate courtesy to us we can become quite annoyed and upset, but I’m sure that at some time or another we have all been guilty of not being courteous to other people too. It’s easy for us to forget how we felt in those times when others lacked courtesy when we are making other people feel the same.

Well today is Common Courtesy Day!

A day for us all to remember to be courteous to others and to (courteously) remind others to be courteous too.

So in the spirit of the day a huge THANK YOU from all of us at W3iRD TRiANGL3 for reading this and supporting us over the last few weeks. We really do appreciate it.